Ohio Robotics, INC.
              SPRING 2014

Ohio Robotics is advancing technology with the integration of competition
judging software called, BOTS MASTER

The software features were introduced in Spring 2014 and will be fully implemented by Fall 2014. 

Magnus IT 
is proud to provide the technology that supports future STEM initiatives.  The operating system will provide formal metrics that systematically track competition results and trends.
Over the course of multiple events, this feedback will serve as a significant tool to help students understand achieved competencies and focus on areas of creativity and quality design - a critical component in the real world manufacturing process. 

Fostering a practical application of Science, Technology, Engineering & Math through robot building competition

Ohio Robotics Xtreme BOTS 2014 SPRING Competition            award recipients

1st Place- Bloomsburg Area High School, Bloomsburg, PA-
2nd Place-Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology, Terre Haute, IN-K.E.W. 
3rd Place- Centerville High School, Centerville, OH- N.W.O

Merit Award recipients

People's Choice- Live Oaks Career Development Campus, War Path
Best Documentation- Centerville High School, N.W.O.
Best Engineer Design-Bloomsburg Area High School, Foxx
Best Sportsmanship- Oakwood Jr./Sr. High School, Scrap Iron


                                                                                 Ohio Robotics Inc. (ORI) is a 501c3 non profit that fosters student workforce development and  practical application of Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) through robot building and  competition. Ohio Robotics is well known for its bi-annual program event- the Xtreme BOTS Competition.     

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Destination: Dayton -
Congratulations to all School Team Participants
Centerville High School
Kettering Fairmont High School
Milford High School
Springboro High School
Twin Valley Robotics 
You are All
First in UAS Flight for UAS/STEM High School Challenge and Skills Competition.  

1st Place: Centerville High School- Golden Elks
Runner-Up: Milford High School
Merit Award Recipients- 
Peoples Choice: Centerville High School ( Golden Elks)
Best Documentation: Milford High School ( X-Men)
Best Engineer Design: Milford High School (X-Men)
Best Presentation: Milford High School (X-Men)


Sinclair Community College and staff for hosting the event
Commissioner Deb Lieberman, Montgomery County, Ohio 

Dan Edwards, Morning Host from Fly 92.9
Peter Bohr, Media Coordinator
Devond Media LLC, Xenia, Ohio (Andre Devond and crew)
Bob Klaar and DATV crew
Magnus IT- Chris Cozad, Paul Webb, and dedicated crew
The HawkEye Effect - Jeff Blair and Kirk Stucki 

UAS and industry leader speakers
Dr. Andrew Shepherd, Director, Sinclair Training and Certification Center
Mr.Frank Beafore-Executive Director- SelectTech GeoSpatial
Mr. Ryan Smith-Director of Operations, Ohio/Indiana UAS Center & Test Complex
Mr. Larrell Walters, Director, Institute for the Development and Commercialization of Advanced Sensor Technology (IDCAST)
Mr. Kerry Taylor-Director, Ohio Aerospace Hub

Bryan Jackson, Volunteer Services and Outreach Coordinator
Safety Inspectors, Documentation, Presentation, and UAS Judges
SPECTATORS who helped make this event a success!!!

 Xtreme BOTS


Date: August 23rd 
Registration begins June 23rd
Location: Miami Valley Career Technology Center, 6800 Hoke Road, Clayton, OH 45315
Time: 8:00 AM- 3:00 PM 
The training is a great way to prepare for the Xtreme BOTS Competition Fall 2014 hosted by Wright State University at the Wright State University Nutter Center Arena on November 22nd. Competition Registration begins August 29th. Open to the first 64 teams.    
E-mail  rcantrell@xtremebots.org   for details and registration information.

UAS Training       

Special Thanks to David Lord, Educator and Kettering Fairmont High School for hosting Ohio Robotics Premiere UAS Teacher Training on Saturday, May 17th from 8:00 AM-3:00 PM.

Educators from the area came to learn UAS programming, design, building, safety, and flight assessment skills. Our feature curriculum focus was the qu
ad copter.

Educators will take these skills to students for classroom application. Students will be prepared for our Premiere UAS skills competition called " Destination: Dayton" on August 16th hosted by Sinclair Community College at the Sinclair Community College Field house.
Registration for "Destination: Dayton" begins June 20th and is open to the first 15 high school teams. 

E-mail rcantrell@ohiorobotics.org for details and registration information.    



                           Wright State University

                                                   Ohio Robotics
Xtreme BOTS Competition 2014
                               Saturday, March 22, 2014
 Wright State University Nutter Center Arena           
                                           Master of Ceremonies: Dan Edwards
                                           Speakers: Mayor Nan Whaley, City of Dayton
                                                          Commissioner Deborah Lieberman, 
                                                          Montgomery County, Ohio

 Special Thanks to our student participants, sponsors, manufacturing mentors, speakers, announcers, master of ceremonies, and volunteers-
     18 schools with 43 teams, and 203 student participants - ALL STEM Champions!!! 
The Xtreme BOTS Competition pairs student teams with local manufacturing companies and mentors who provide necessary materials and technical assistance to build a competitive, remote-control 15 lb robot. Teams face off in one-on-one competition with the goal of disabling their bot opponent. Learn more

                        ORI welcomes the support of our community. How can you help?